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watchOS 3 : Apple Watches Are Going To Be Better

Apple is finally fixing the Apple Watch user experience. With watchOS 3, which will arrive as a free upgrade this fall, users can look forward to significantly faster apps with background updating, a Control Center and app dock, and lots, lots more!

Every Watch user hates using apps. They’re so slow, they’re barely even worth the effort. But that’s not the case anymore. Apps under watchOS 3 are up to seven times faster than they were under watchOS 2, and thanks to Instant Launch, they open in a flash.

Certain apps can also be updated in the background, and they now have native access to the Digital Crown. Apple has also added a whole bunch of new APIs that will improve watchOS games, allowing for embedded video, speaker control, and more.

watch OS3 Features - Codename Apple

watchOS 3 now boasts deep breathing exercises, lets you share Activity data, and adds support for wheelchair users, which changes the Time to -Stand notification to Time to Roll, adds two specific exercises, and tracks wheelchair movements.

Apple has redesigned the Find Friends and Reminders apps, giving us an app dock for all out favorite titles, added letter writing to allow custom replies to your messages, added Apple Pay support for third-party apps, and improved the messaging experience.

We’re finally getting some new faces, too, but there is no support for third-party options. Instead, we’ll get Minnie Mouse with a variety of outfits; new Activity faces in digital, analog, and chronograph options; and a clean and simple Numerals face.

Finally, there’s a great new SOS feature, which automatically calls the emergency services when you press and hold the button on the side of your Apple Watch. It’s location-aware, too, so when you’re travelling, it knows which number to dial.

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